USCIS Biometric Alterations for Reentry Permits and Refugee Travel Documents

Published: 30th March 2011
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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have issued revised guidelines for USCIS Form I-131, Application for Journey Document. The guidelines contain modifications efficient March 5, 2008 that require applicants for re-entry permits and refugee travel paperwork to supply biometrics (e.g., fingerprints and images) at a USCIS Application Assistance Center (ASC) for background and security checks and to meet specifications for safe journey and entry paperwork made up of biometric identifiers.

Q. What exactly are the new biometric adjustments for re-entry permits and refugee journey paperwork?

A. The new directions for Form I-131 call for that applicants for re-entry permits and refugee travel paperwork which can be ages 14 through 79 supply biometrics before departing from your United states. Applicants also are strongly encouraged to apply, every time feasible, properly upfront of their anticipated journey dates to permit time to go to their ASC appointments and also to receive their journey documents. Shortly right after filing a Form I-131 to get a refugee journey document or possibly a re-entry permit, USCIS will mail the applicant his or her receipt and an ASC scheduling notice. Specific abroad USICS offices may, in their discretion, accept and adjudicate Form I-131 filed to get a refugee journey document (but not re-entry permits), exactly where the applicant has failed to apply whilst inside the U.S. (see eight C.F.R. 223.two(b)(two)(ii)). Nonetheless, candidates for refugee journey paperwork should not count around the abroad offices automatically agreeing to accept and adjudicate an I-131 in all circumstances, specifically in which it is evident the person could have applied whilst from the U.S. and attended their biometrics appointment.

Q. Is there a fee for that new biometrics requirement for candidates applying for re-entry permits and refugee journey documents?

A. The guidelines go over the requirement for candidates for re-entry permits and refugee journey documents who are within the United states to pay the $80 biometrics solutions payment, or to submit a biometrics charge waiver request with enough documentation to support their inability to pay the price. As inside the previous, the application payment for Form I-131 can't be waived.

Q. What are the procedures for requesting an expedited adjudication of Form I-131?

A. If applicants need expedited processing; the directions supply distinct information for submitting pre-paid express mailers together with the Form I-131 for USCIS to send the applicant their receipt and ASC appointment notice, also since the completed re-entry permit or refugee journey document, if approved. A request for expedited processing ought to contain the applicant's factors for these processing in order that USCIS may possibly determine whether the applicant qualifies for expedited processing.

Q. Will Forms I-131 already in the pipeline that remains un-adjudicated as of 3/5/08 on the Nebraska Company Center be subject matter towards the new biometrics requirement?

A. No, not except USCIS determines, within a distinct case, that there is a will need for extra biometrics (besides the images that all applicants were essential to submit with their I-131) for any specific explanation associated towards the adjudication of that case, such as a query relating to the applicant's true identification. As often, USCIS reserves its authority in such a scenario to request additional information, which can incorporate biometrics. The common requirement for applicants for refugee travel permits and re-entry permits to show up for any biometrics appointment at an ASC is for applications filed on or following the successful date 03/05/08, not for the applications which might be pending as of that date. Applications that had been filed just before 03/05/08 will should incorporate valid images for document manufacturing and verification of identification. Candidates that filed previous to 03/05/08 won't be necessary to pay the $80 biometrics fee.

Q. How and when will candidates be notified that they ought to pay the further biometrics price?

A. The I-131 form directions, revised on 02/26/2008, also because the USCIS Update launched on 03/05/2008 notify all applicants for refugee travel documents or re-entry permits that a $80 biometrics fee (or even a appropriately supported payment waiver request) is important for processing in the event the individual is within the age array (14 - 79) that is essential to go to an ASC appointment for biometrics.

Q. Will Forms I-131 submitted/mailed before 3/5/08 but received in the NSC on 3/5/08 be subject matter towards the new requirement?

A. No, in the event the applicant will not submit the biometrics price and mailed his or her Form I-131 prior to 03/05/08, USCIS will procedure the application in accordance the methods in area ahead of the Form I-131 biometrics requirement. Nevertheless, as mentioned over, USCIS continues to reserve its authority to request biometrics as additional information, if needed, for your adjudication of a particular situation even though the particular person submitted her or his application before 3/5/08. Q. Do the revised Form I-131 recommendations call for advance parole candidates to complete biometrics? A. Candidates for advance parole aren't needed to submit biometrics at the moment. An applicant for advance parole need to keep on to submit two identical colour photographs with the applicant taken inside of 30 days with the filing of your Form I-131 application.

Q. Is e-filing available for aliens applying to get a re-entry permit or perhaps a refugee journey document around the USCIS site?

A. Currently, only people who are looking for to e-file Form I-131 for advance parole could be in a position to use the e-filing choice. The program is currently unable to accept the further biometrics charges which might be necessary for refugee travel documents and re-entry permits. Consequently, buyers are encouraged to file through paper until finally the technique is transformed. When the technique is in spot, e-filing of Form I-131 will probably be accessible for all categories.

Q. Are applicants for Form I-131 re-entry permits or refugee journey paperwork required to become physically present inside the U.S. at the time of filing from the I-131 application?

A. Even though USCIS urges all applicants for refugee journey paperwork to anticipate their will need for your document before leaving america and also to allow ample time for processing and adjudication, particular USCIS abroad offices do have discretionary authority to adjudicate an application to get a RTD. See eight C.F.R. 223.two (b)(2)(ii). This alternative just isn't available for applications for re-entry permits. Applicants filing for re-entry permits need to be physically current within the Usa when they file the re-entry permit application. See eight C.F.R. 223.two(b)(one). USCIS or even a U.S. Division of State Embassy or Consulate can provide re-entry permits, too as refugee journey documents for the applicant at an abroad workplace when the applicant requests so on the time of filing Form I-131. See eight C.F.R. 223.2(f). To reiterate, filing of Form I-131 for any re-entry permit should be carried out even though the particular person is physically present inside the United states of america.

Q. Could an I-131 applicant for a re-entry permit or refugee journey document complete biometrics outside with the United states of america?

A. Form I-131 guidelines provide guidance for particular persons who're overseas in the time of filing to go to a U.S. Embassy or consulate for fingerprinting, although all candidates are urged to file just before leaving america. Considering that selected overseas offices have the discretion to accept and adjudicate applications for refugee travel documents, even though it really is not necessary that they do so, an applicant to get a refugee travel document might complete biometrics outside from the U.s., but is encouraged to wait to journey until their biometrics have been collected and also the document delivered. As mentioned previously, specific overseas USCIS offices may, in their discretion, adjudicate Form I-131 filed for a refugee travel document (although not re-entry permits), in which the applicant has failed to apply although within the U.S. (see eight C.F.R. 223.two(b)(two)(ii)). However, applicants for refugee journey documents shouldn't count around the overseas offices necessarily agreeing to adjudicate Form I-131 in all situations, especially where it can be evident that the person could have applied while in the U.S. and attended her or his biometrics appointment. Candidates for reentry permits should go to their biometric appointment on the designated ASC. If the applicant departs america before the biometrics are collected, the application could be denied.

Q. Will Form I-131 re-entry permit or refugee journey document be denied in the event the applicant leaves the U.S. after the application has been filed and receipted but ahead of biometrics are completed?

A. Form I-131 form directions state, "Departure through the United states of america before a choice is produced on an application for any Re-entry Permit normally isn't going to impact the application. Nonetheless, in which biometric assortment is essential along with the applicant departs the us just before the biometrics are collected, the application may be denied." Journey is just not a good idea. If an applicant leaves and arrives back, their application might be denied whilst abroad, and he or she may not be able to get back again to the region. Although an overseas USCIS office might, in its discretion, consider the biometrics of an applicant for a refugee journey document, there's no guarantee that the workplace will necessarily physical exercise its discretion to perform so. As a result, USCIS again urges all I-131 applicants for whom biometrics will probably be essential to file their applications nicely beforehand of their scheduled departure dates. USCIS suggests candidates apply for any travel document a minimum of 60 days prior to the date of journey.

Q. I am a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) who will probably be out of the US for a lot more than one 12 months? What documents will I should return for the US?

A. To reenter the U.S. an LPR typically has to present their green card (Permanent Resident Card, Form I-551). A reentry permit is required for reentry from absences outside the U.S. which might be larger than 1 year but lower than two years in duration. Hence, if an LPR anticipates remaining outside the U.S. for longer than one particular 12 months, he/she will need to apply to get a reentry permit whilst she or he is inside the U.S. See eight C.F.R. 223.two(b)(1)(Re-entry permit might be authorized IF filed by a person who's within the U.S. on the time of application)(emphasis additional). An application just isn't complete until finally an individual has supplied his or her fingerprints and photograph (i.e., biometrics). The freshly revised I-131 guidelines also supply techniques for requesting an expedited ASC appointment for biometrics assortment and for requesting expedited delivery of the journey document, in which required. USCIS believes the majority of LPRs who reside overseas is going to be able to re-enter the U.S. making use of their Permanent Resident Cards. Those LPRs who currently dwell abroad, but who realize that after they return towards the U.S. they are going to must apply to get a Re-entry Permit since they plan to depart the U.S. yet again for more than a 12 months and will want the permit to re-enter the subsequent time they arrive to your U.S., USCIS encourages these LPRs to anticipate their require for your Re-entry Permit sufficiently upfront of their travel and, if necessary, to comply with the techniques for obtaining an expedited ASC appointment exactly where completely required. When the LPR departs from your U.S although the I-131 is pending, but just before biometrics are taken, then the adjudication with the I-131 reentry permit application is not going to be impacted as long as the applicant returns for the U.S. to go to the biometrics appointment ahead of the initial 12 months of foreign journey has ended. In such scenario, the LPR could apply for reentry towards the U.S. utilizing only her or his I-551 Permanent Resident Card if he has become absent for less than one particular yr. We additionally note that if it really is required, the LPR may possibly make arrangements to possess his Re-entry Permit delivered to him through a U.S. consulate or perhaps a USCIS office abroad. 8 C.F.R. 223.two(f).

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